All the posts I’ve written recently have been about you.
I know you might not be ready yet to feel any sort of love because of the lack of love for yourself but I am here to tell you I will wait. I will wait for you, even it takes centuries or lifetimes. I will always wait for you as my soul is inexplicably bound to yours.

I can’t imagine a life without you…I can’t imagine Life without the beauty of you.

So I will wait and follow you through a never-ending accumulation of lifetimes, until you’ll see me for who I truly am.

Your happiness is what drives me and when you’re sad, my whole body and mind feels it and it makes me want to move heaven and earth just to see you smile genuinely again.

I can see through you and any bullshit you might spin with other people. I might get thrown off by your tenacious ability for great acting but my gut always tells me the truth about you. Don’t you see that with me you don’t have to hide or fake. I will take you for all you are  and love you so completely.

When you are ready, which won’t be for a very long time, I’ll be here. Waiting in love.



The poem

Sexy baby

Why do you drive me so incredibly crazy

With that waist and those legs

Next I want to see them wrapped around

my neck

Taking you to a place of pure ecstacy which I know

you’ve never truly experienced.

If you would just let me,

I could unleash you

Into a world where you can finally be everything you ever aspired to be

Just take my hand and let me lead the way

It’s not just sexual

With you it’s never been

The truest of Love that I’ve ever seen or experienced is what

courses through my body when I sense your soul close

It hits me like lightning and leaves me sizzled all over

So overwhelming that I don’t know if I can take it again

But so insanely beautiful that I need to

Over and over again is how I want you

Your face close to mine

Your breathing short, and anticipating

My soul wants to dance with yours tonight

Just as it used to before this lifetime and many before that

It wants to reunite and celebrate that this lifetime is the one

where I found you again

It wants to wash over your body

Like a warm liquid blanket

Emitting safety and love

Never has there been anything more that I wanted

than your warm naked skin against my own

I want to feel the softness of you again like I did

that night
Every inch of your body will not be left untouched

I will carress and love the whole that is your temple

Let me show you what it’s like when true love touches you and never lets go

24th June 2013- © Alex G.


Poem I wrote a few months back.

I did it
Cut the ribbon in half
Opened up the way to my soul

What will you do
Now that you know everything about me
So many fears are surfacing but at the same

Hope is there, pushing back.

I wish there was a way to swap lives, just one day
And you can feel what I feel for you from the mornings until the nights
Is it all illusion? Have I lost my mind?

Whatever it is or was, by showing you my true face
I have no regrets.

Finally you see me, who I truly am. And here in the moonlight I will hide no more.

March 2013 Copyright Alex G.

The truth is you

Poem I wanted to share. Not my own.

If truth be told
Then this is what’s

When my eyes first open
I want to see

Like a bee around a flower
I dance around

A song I’d sing for hours is
The melody of

As is heat from fire
I’m inseparable from

If truth be told
To me the truth is


I won’t give up

Jason Mraz is one of my favorite artists..this song has to be one of the most beautiful lovesongs that exists. Love isn’t just about the good and happy times but also about the dark and trying times. Where you stick with one another if true love is there.

Destruction of Emotional Pain

I like this post so I wanted to share

Awakening Journey


When we face trauma or abuse as children, our emotional growth becomes stunted and we become stuck at the age of that trauma or abuse.  My abuse and trauma began when I was eight years old.  So for most of my life until recently, I have been at the emotional age of eight.

The trouble was that I was unaware that I was only eight years old emotionally, since I had nothing to compare myself to, and was not awakened to recognize what was happening to me.  Therefore, for most of my life, I operated under this emotional immaturity without recognizing it.  My behavior was defensive, I lied to get out of trouble, I never wanted to take responsibility for my actions, I remained a victim blaming others for my life, and I was always afraid and anxious.

As a child and into adulthood, I suffered ulcers, stress, back pain…

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