It feels like I’ve been going through a transformation of sorts.
Without a clear end in mind.

All those things I never would let go off before
All that time I been waiting
Piling up my emotions behind a high brick wall, boxed in x 4
20 million feet tall
Ready to all come tumbling down

With one swift motion, the process has begun

My whole mind decluttering from all the junk I used to own
and refused to throw out

I don’t know what this is, but it sure feels good
It resembles something a lot like pure freedom
No restraints from anyone, anything
Even myself

I guess telling the truth to yourself every once in a while
does set you free

Yes this is it,
I feel so free, free to soar
High up, where nothing can touch me

To go where I want to, and be there in an instant

So like a caterpillar transforming into the butterfly
It must be quite a picture
But feeling the transformation, is lifechanging.

This is it then. Let’s go


© 31/3/14- DuppyConqueror11




My silly obsessions

I think this all started with my dad, as far back as I can remember, my dad has collected all types of hats as well as shoes. Ranging from African to Russian winter hats to British Colonial Army hats (see pix below). And he’d wear them with pride too, not caring at all what others might think of him. And let me be honest; my dad being a big black guy wearing a Russian winter hat is kind of hilarious but it gained respect with me because he just gave zero f***s :D. My mom always joked that my dad was more into fashion than she was, which was probably true as his closet space contained way more than hers.

download (3) download (4)

I am not quite that advanced in my collection as I stay mostly with fitted caps, snapbacks and beanies. I like unique caps, ones that you won’t see other people wearing really. Unfortunately I kind of hit a rough patch financially speaking a while back and was unable to really keep on collecting. But I am back on track now and I have BIG plans haha. Most of the caps I buy I get from the USA because they just have a much bigger market for it.

You have to appreciate the small things in life and I love the look of a brand new clean cap. But let me be clear, I DO take all the stickers off. I think it looks stupid and ridiculous to leave these on as many people do. Nobody needs to see you have the head the size of a pea or a watermelon do they? I thought so ;).

I have a similar obsession with sneakers, more specifically high-tops. Unfortunately this obsession is curbed because again importing from USA is costly when it comes to shoes as they require import tax to be paid over it, sometimes coming to the same exact price that was already paid for the shoes. People that know me always joke that I am so American, because I just prefer American brands and I just love loose-fitting, baggy clothes. I guess it goes back to my youth where I wanted to get all these things and couldn’t because my mom prohibited me from buying them (being too manly and all *rolls eyes*). It’s just funny to me how it has affected my personal style over the years and I like to understand why I am the way I am.

The next step for me is to build a display case or shelf where I can showcase my caps when I am not using them, same goes for my sneakers, oh and my videogames, consoles and comic books. This really makes me sound like a regular nerd which doesn’t really bother me because I’ll be doing what I love. I am not necessarily a materialistic person but there are just certain things in life that need to be enjoyed. So I’ve realized the following about myself:

* Mad about headgear
* All about cool sneakers
* Gamerboy who is not necessarily a great at gaming
* Comic book lover
* Old school Hip Hop is my lifestyle of choice
* I really want to also collect Vinyl-records, once I actually get around to buying a record player 😦
* I have expensive taste :/

No but seriously, it’s fun to have hobbies so don’t let anybody ever make you feel like your hobby is stupid, weird or dumb. As long as it puts a smile on your face, that’s all that matters.