It feels like I’ve been going through a transformation of sorts.
Without a clear end in mind.

All those things I never would let go off before
All that time I been waiting
Piling up my emotions behind a high brick wall, boxed in x 4
20 million feet tall
Ready to all come tumbling down

With one swift motion, the process has begun

My whole mind decluttering from all the junk I used to own
and refused to throw out

I don’t know what this is, but it sure feels good
It resembles something a lot like pure freedom
No restraints from anyone, anything
Even myself

I guess telling the truth to yourself every once in a while
does set you free

Yes this is it,
I feel so free, free to soar
High up, where nothing can touch me

To go where I want to, and be there in an instant

So like a caterpillar transforming into the butterfly
It must be quite a picture
But feeling the transformation, is lifechanging.

This is it then. Let’s go


© 31/3/14- DuppyConqueror11



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