The weather is dull and wet today
Which seems to reflect my thoughts and emotions today
This is not a poem perse, rather me writing out some emotions that I seem to have a hard time figuring out

Like how come I always seem to get myself in positions that confuse the holy heck out of me
Why do these situations happen often?
Where I want something that’s unobtainable
And have to learn to turn away from it and let it go somehow
The last time I had to do that it took me close to 2 years to come to terms with it
I really don’t want to go down a similar path again
So now…what do I do


One thought on “Sunday thoughts

  1. You said it yourself: ‘learn to turn away’. It’s all about stopping that feeling while it’s still new and small, it grows bigger and stronger fast if you let it be inside your heart (head) and feed it by thinking of how would “it” be, if it would be this or that, dreaming about it which all looks so innocent and natural, but it makes it grow into you soul, and than it hurts much more when you know that you have to kill it. You kill part of yourself that “it” grew on too.
    You learn, you try not to get too close to that feeling and be less ?selfish? become more practical rational and cut off only one finger instead of whole limb. After you tell yourself that it was good and the only thing to do.

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