Hello World!

Hi World, it’s been an awfully long fricking time since I’ve last been on here and contributed something to the blogging-world.

Rest assured; it’s all been for the better. It’s just that the last 4 months have been an incredibly tumultuous but wonderful journey.
In the past months I’ve left a very serious long-term relationship of 8.5 years, moved out of our shared apartment, fell in love with who I know with every fiber of my being to be the love of my life, moved into a great Victorian-style home and generally have been blissfully happy.

That is not to say that I haven’t had my low points since, mainly because of the guilt I have felt towards leaving one of the most important people in my life behind and cutting that cord. Which is something that really needed to happen; it was high time. Even though I know that I’ve done a lot of damage to my ex’ life, I know I would’ve done so much more damage had I decided to stay. Instinctively I always felt that I was holding her back from reaching her true potential in this life. Together we made it through so much; so many great as well as hard times. But somehow, through it all, we had found that we were no longer the same two people who had fallen in love so many years before and had grown apart. Honesty always was such a big part of the relationship, but during the last few years secrets and apathy had started to wreak havoc. Communication is such a crucial part of any type of relationship. And unfortunately that had majorly broken down. Suffice it to say that I eventually got to the point that I no longer could live that kind of life; depression was running rampant inside me and I feel it must have been for her as well. I was a horrible boyfriend and companion for a long time, especially in the end. No longer caring about myself or what happened around me. Until I met her. Who changed my life in every way imaginable, for the better.

Those of you who followed my blog regularly know how much I struggled with depression, existentially (what’s the meaning of it all etc) and just psychologically as well because of all the bad memories and experiences. I constantly relapsed and lost jobs because of it. Came very close many times to ending it, actually I glorified dying because it would (in my own head) bring me to a much happier, loving place. Night after night I scoured the internet for near-death experience tales and ways to take your own life painlessly. In the end I was always way too scared of the pain to go through with it or just the thought of having to live on if the attempt would fail.

All that has changed. I now see that life is so very worth living, and it’s not just because of the woman who entered and pulled back the curtains in my absolutely blacked out room completely isolated from the world. Although she is one of the main reasons, it has changed due to me realizing my own worth and truth. So many years I lied to myself, and living in a lie is such a bullshit thing to do. Live your life for yourself, you only get one. At least one that you are fully aware of. No one should be wasting time trying to fix someone else’s happiness or to not to be true to themselves. And while we’re at it; let go of being so scared of things, such as going after realizing your dreams. Ok, dreams like being the very first person to be able to spontaneously lift off in the air and fly might be a bit hard to realize; still shouldn’t stop you from at least trying it in a lucid state (yes, actual dreams where you’re aware of dreaming). What do you have to lose by going for something that you would already forfeit if you didn’t go for it? Nothing, exactly. In Dutch we have a saying ‘Nee heb je, Ja kun je krijgen’, which basically translates to ‘You have the No already, but you can still have the Yes’. In other words, you have nothing to lose by trying.

Yes, there have been set backs as well. My mother is very sick and has been on her 7th chemotherapy session. This makes her incredibly weak and it really hurts me to see my mother in that state. However, I know and have the faith that she will make a 100% recovery. Besides my mother falling ill, my sister has also suffered a stroke just 2 weeks ago. This came absolutely out of nowhere as she is only 37. My nerves were shot I have to say because this just seems to be a bad year where health for family members is concerned. My sister is still recovering and if there is one positive thing to come out of this, it’s that we might be able to reconnect. When I heard the news I sent her over flowers straightaway with a personal card; according to my mom and her boyfriend, she loved it. This has made me very hopeful for a reunion in the near future, which would also truly help my mother through her hard times.

My life has changed ever so much, to have someone be able to bring out the best in you at all times and want to just be a better person has made all the difference. I’ve been doing very well at my job, learning how to save, to be more responsible and to try to unlock my creativity again. I adore writing, even if I am not that particularly good at it, it’s still something that fulfills me. I’ve had something of a writer’s block for a few years and it bothers me a lot. But I am confident that it’s changing. Being surrounded by such a creative partner is such an exhilarating experience; I want to write the stories to her drawings. She’s so talented. We encourage each other to be creative and it’s great.

That dark cloud that used to cast such a large shadow has dissipated; I’ve finally been collected at Lost & Found. My life has finally begun.




It feels like I’ve been going through a transformation of sorts.
Without a clear end in mind.

All those things I never would let go off before
All that time I been waiting
Piling up my emotions behind a high brick wall, boxed in x 4
20 million feet tall
Ready to all come tumbling down

With one swift motion, the process has begun

My whole mind decluttering from all the junk I used to own
and refused to throw out

I don’t know what this is, but it sure feels good
It resembles something a lot like pure freedom
No restraints from anyone, anything
Even myself

I guess telling the truth to yourself every once in a while
does set you free

Yes this is it,
I feel so free, free to soar
High up, where nothing can touch me

To go where I want to, and be there in an instant

So like a caterpillar transforming into the butterfly
It must be quite a picture
But feeling the transformation, is lifechanging.

This is it then. Let’s go


© 31/3/14- DuppyConqueror11



5 Top Secrets To Happiness

Another wonderful post. Wanted to share it.

The Truth Warrior

The Truth Warrior

I think the majority of us in this world want to be happy, whether we know it or not. At times it can be easier said than done with all that life brings us and we can forget how to just be simply happy. They say the goal behind every goal is happiness. I would agree with that. When we choose to be happy, our life just flows and that happiness can have a positive affect on everybody that we meet. When we are not happy however, that affects everybody too.

I think Esther Hicks from her book “Ask and it is given” has a great quote about happiness;

“The greatest gift that you could ever give to another is your own happiness, for when you are in a state of joy, happiness, or appreciation, you are fully connected to the Stream of pure, positive Source Energy that is truly…

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Madness of Twin Flames

Great post, right in time for Valentine’s Day. Had to repost.

Relationship Reinvented

Twin Flame Madness….

During the moment you encounter this connection a shift happens in you that shows you Forever.. This is often the euphoric stage of the connection that is always going to be there until mind noise is activated.. As this happens something else comes to light, the activation of the truth about what you have been doing and how you interact in the world of form.. This relationship or union as it were, is filled with a subtle underlying connection that is always going to be in effect as though of the pull to the other person outside you. This is the error of what this means as it comes to how we have always had a relationship or a connection.

The lens we see through when it comes to how we view the world, and how we survive in it alone brings about a very powerful light…

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Return of the Cosmic Goddess (77min Symphony)

Spirited’s 3rd and final Global Release for the year of 2013 and the First Global Release for 2014

“Return of the Cosmic Goddess” featuring our very own The Spiritual Catalyst AKA Teal Scott.

♫ . ♫. ♫ .
“Return of the Cosmic Goddess” is a new age Symphony, an OBDE (Out of body Dance Experience), the future of music where an musical piece can never be fitted into one particular genera, it’s an orchestra of naturally synchronised samples made from recordings all around the globe; both natural and man made elements, capturing essence of pure acoustic & electronic roots & vibrations mixed with lively recored eastern & western percussions, including all instruments tuned into 528hz and above healing frequencies, to cleanse your mind body & spirit.

Inspiring vocal wisdom lines from Teal Scott will be guiding the vibrations through out the whole 77 minute experience, ending with a 12 minute 3rd eye opening meditational guide.

There is more to the album than a mixture of great vibrations, it’s an statement from 4 individual artists ( Teal Scott: The Spiritual Catalyst Fan Page, Misha Whirlwind, Anna Marlena, Gihan Dilruksh Mackay) from 3 different countries (USA, Sri Lanka & Austria), from 4 different backgrounds.

It’s a statement to the world which reflects that separation is merely illusion, and that true artists see no boundaries, they see no separation, they only see each other in themselves.

We are all extensions of source energy, we are all born healers, we all can be healed, existence is a celebration.

Buy at http://spirited.bandcamp.com/releases

I go walking after midnight..

I have started a little ritual, which is to go for an after midnight-walk through for as long as my feet can take me.

See, lately I have been quite restless and ready to pull the hairs out of my head. One night I just got up and went. Now why after midnight?
For some reason I feel myself more after dark. Under the blanket of the night, I can be outside for the longest times.
Also going for some fresh air, kickstarts my creativity and allows me to write and also clear my mind if something is been bothering me.

There’s something about the deserted streets and the quiet, although I can’t leave the house without my music :).

Funnily enough I can’t seem to adjust this ritual for a walk in the daytime. There is always too many people and traffic for me to be able to have a relaxing walk. It’s almost as if I am a vampire.. 😉

It’s at times like these though that I can quite end up missing my dogs, who would always join me for a midnight adventure. There’s nothing quite like a trusty sidekick who also functions as a protector at the same time. My goal is to ultimately have another dog or two again but only when I have completely settled down and am able to give them the care that they need.

Earlier tonight I was watching a youtube-video by Tony Robbins, who is a phenomenal motivational speaker (possibly the best public speaker out there) and self-help coach from America. I’ve watched quite a few motivational speakers over the years but I’ve never quite come across a speaker quite as impactful and charismatic as him.
It’s partly because of him that I want to finally take full 100% control of my own life and set my own standards for myself higher. My standards for everything that I do now, are way too low which makes it easy to never be disappointed as the stakes are never too high.
Tonight I was feeling particularly restless and by chance I happened to watch one of his videos. 30 minutes later I was rearing to go! Tony has an uncanny ability to speak to you directly, and mirror to you what you already know but have been procrastinating for whatever reason you may have.
After all, who else is going to make you happy if not yourself?

So long I have been sort of been waiting around for change and progress to come. With the endresult always having to settle for something that I never really wanted in the first place. This goes for most of the aspects in my life and I am just plain tired of it.
Tired of rejection because I never valued myself high enough to begin with. I want to find out what I am truly worth and break the damn glass-ceiling that I created for myself. Pretty sure I am able to create the type of life I truly want if I envision it hard enough and set the goals to get there.

I know I know, I have been saying it for a while now that I want change and that I am going to create it myself. Somehow I never quite was brave enough to take the most important frst step. However, there’s something about 2014 that just feels different. Maybe a year of change? Could also be wishful thinking though.

Babysteps is what I am starting out with though,; I am changing up most of my rituals (clearing out the bad ones) and just adding good ones.
Apparently the ritual of me going for a walk nearly every night seems to have been helping already. I dropped quite a lot of weight within the last 2 weeks and I am starting to feel more like myself again, whereas before I just felt like a fat sack of shit :/. So this is good for the self-esteem part I’d say.
Soon I am going to be a sexy son of a b*tch. Hehe.


I’ve loved a lot in my life I daresay. Experienced a lot of different types of loves too.

It started when I was still inside my mothers womb, now that I think about it, that was the very first time I experienced ‘unconditional’ love in this lifetime. If anybody loves me without conditions, it must be my mother. I don’t think my mother could ever be capable of ejecting me out of her life for whatever reason. I am so lucky for that as not all children have that unconditional maternal or paternal love. So I would call this the maternal unconditional love. That’s not to say that my dad doesn’t love me incredibly much because he does but I didn’t grow in my dad’s body for 9 months and so it could never be the same type of connection that I have with my mom. As a child I was extremely affectionate with everyone and was always cuddling up on my mom’s/dad’s lap. Apparently I seem to have lost that uninhibited affection in my older years, which is really quite sad but necessary for survival in this world lol.

As I grew up, I had lots of infatuations towards girls. As I was always quite an intense person, I would imagine whole scenarios in which I would run into that person and they would magically see how cool I was, then proceed to be my girlfriend. This tended to cause a lot of hilarious situations where I’d end up making a fool of myself. These were a lot of fun but also caused me a lot of hurt. I was a girl to start with in this life so my ‘crushes’ always had to be secret with the result of me just sitting in my room, singing love songs to my crush and writing love letters. I am sure I am not alone in that regard. They never found out and I would agonize over it. But the pain and infatuation eventually always faded away and I would find another girl to make the object of my affection.
My first serious puppy love lasted a very long time until that girl moved away and I never saw her anymore.

Then there was no real significant person in my life that I was into; there were the occasional ‘online’ relationships but it was all long-distance and I pretended to be someone I wasn’t (a boy).

It wasn’t until I was 17 that I finally had my first real girlfriend. Oh man, was I crazy about that girl! From the moment I saw her, I thought I loved her. Well, it turned out that it was definitely not love. But being with her, I couldn’t eat, I couldn’t sleep, I couldn’t stop thinking of her. All I wanted to do was be with her forever. Until..she one day just dumped me by text. That was it. I had given her cds to listen to and had loaned her money but she wasn’t answering any of my calls. When I finally was able to retrieve my cds, she was there in her bedroom with her new girlfriend mocking me. It was one of the lowest points I ever experienced in ‘Love’ at that point.
I felt ridiculed and betrayed.

At 18, I met my 2nd real girlfriend, for who I ended up moving to America for. That was definitely my first love experience. We ended staying together for almost 4 years. The relationship was not the best. I had fallen out of love by the 2nd year but soldiered on bravely to see if we could work it out. After all, I cared deeply for her (emotionally invested) and her family, they in turn did too.
But it didn’t last, I moved back to Europe and I broke up with her. It then turned out that she had been cheating on me for months with a close friend of ours. That person also moved into our apartment the same day I left for the airport. So I guess you could say that thus far my experiences with love had left me pretty jaded.

While living in Spain, I met S on Myspace (cheesus, who even still remembers that social media site??) and we became very close quite quickly. We eventually met in Dublin in 2006 and became an item right away. With her, I experienced real true love and she was different from all the others. She showed me real intimacy and affection, I guess that we actually learned from each other what it was like to truly be in love but also how to handle the relationship once it’s passed the honeymoon stage. I learned that love requires work. We’ve been together nearly 8 years, with some rough times thrown in the mix.

Something very curious happened in 2011/2012. I was apart from S for the first time in a very long time and I met someone who would for the first time introduce me to true unconditional love. This doesn’t diminish the love I have for S, but the love would prove to be so much more different and impactful. She didn’t reciprocate and at first it turned into unrequited love (you know pining away for someone who you can’t have). Those were excruciating times for me. And instead of the love diminishing, it keeps growing stronger. But through the pain and time, I found that my love for her was turning into pure, unconditional love where it didn’t matter if she loved me back or not. This means that I love that person for exactly who she is, with all her faults, no matter what her actions would be. This person is not in my life anymore for obvious reasons but I still think of her every day and I send her loving thoughts every waking moment. It’s very unfortunate that she doesn’t believe I love her in this way but it doesn’t matter. It will never die.
She unlocked the gate to being able to finally learn to love myself.

Now as you can see..I have not had a lot of relationships. Only 3, but 2 very long ones. S and I will be together for 8 years in May. Sometimes I don’t know how she can put up with me especially being that I have someone in my heart who will never leave from it. I think it means that she loves me unconditionally in turn as she’s never given up on me at any given time. She loved me when I was female all the way through my transition to male. Let me tell you that it’s so remarkable of her to stand by me through all that. And because that love has been in turn unlocked in me, I am able to reciprocate it. There will never be a time where I won’t love S.

It’s funny really because when I was younger, I thought there was only 2 types of love. That of my parents (familial) and being in love (romantic love). However, love has turned out to be so much more complicated and elegant even that I ever could have imagined. I love loving. It makes my heart sing. When I love, it tends to be forever and with all my being. I don’t do butterfly like love, going from this one to that one. There has to be a genuine connection. 

That’s why I think love is the most important thing in the world. If you look at history, it was ultimately acts of pure love that have made the greatest impact on us. The worst times in history were based on acts of pure fear. Hereunder fall the emotions such as anger, envy, greed etc. It’s been scientifically proven that love vibrates at a much higher, quicker rate than fear (http://cafeholistic.com/meditation/emanating-love), which to me makes so much sense. Negative energy can bog you down whereas positive energy brightens up your day.

I am not alone in this love I have for Love. The whole world does revolve around it, all the love songs, movies, books and more. People cannot get enough and are all looking for their ‘soul mate’ or ‘the One’. We stumble through life trying to find it, and along the way we learn different types of love, different types of relationships until we finally one day ‘get’ it. That we cannot love anybody else before we love ourselves unconditionally. In the end, romantic love is desirable yes, but it’s not why we are here I believe. Romantic love can be so limiting; if you do this for me, I will love you but if you say or do something I don’t like, we are surely over. That just can’t be right!

If we all would just love a little more without any conditions, I think the world could be such a beautiful place. But then again, I am just a dreamer..but I am sure that I am not the only one 😉 (see what I did there? Lol).


The Change

I never really felt like I fit into this society, I’ve always been the outsider in a world that’s never really made sense to me. Something has been wrong with the world for as long as I can remember.

images (8)

I think I have finally figured out why. The insatiable need in today’s world for competition, recognition and wealth has turned into a global epidemic, like some mental disorder sweeping over the masses. We have been taught by society that we are all separate, all individuals and that we have to show off what we are worth so we can climb the societal ladder up to the top.

But if you look at nature, which is where we come from, it’s so very clear that we are all connected.
We as human beings at large, have separated ourselves from nature and think that to be happy we need to collect things. More money equals more happiness. Does it really? Because as the richer get richer, the poorer become poorer. And I don’t see more happiness in the world, instead I see more people becoming increasingly more frustrated, lonely, depressed and angry.

We as humans are not inherently evil at the core, we are at heart compassionate and loving. It’simages (7) just that we have been indoctrinated with this propaganda that we are not all equal and that there is a need to have what the neighbor has or to obtain some bigger and better. And we will even go to war over it. Oil anyone?

I now also realize why I’ve never made it to the top in any type of career. It’s simple; I’ve never cared for such things. All I ever wanted was to give love and live in a balanced society, where nobody gets left behind. I have rejected traditional schooling and the rules that society has placed upon me. It’s also one of the biggest reason why I’ve become depressed. I am almost unable to function anymore because I feel the grief and the sorrow weighing heavily on my shoulders. There’s this nagging feeling that I am supposed to fulfill a mission in this lifetime that has to do with this big Change coming. But I still haven’t figured out exactly what it is.

There is a cancer in this world, and it’s spreading. However, there is hope. The masses are awakening. And the people in charge that wish to keep us living this way are losing their grip.

Never has the world been more polarized than now; it’s why some think that the End Times are coming and others believe that Heaven on Earth is around the corner. The energies are extreme, people are desperately clinging onto the old belief system and others are doing their part in tearing it down.

Make no mistake, the World is changing. I used to be a doomsday thinker but this is not the type of energy I want to contribute to the world. See it’s been proven that our thoughts do indeed make a difference in terms of manifesting in reality. And I do not want to be one of those that is caught in the fear-vibration because that will not do any of us any good in the end.

Instead I am going to radiate Love, embody it completely, shine it out to anybody that is in need. Whether it be friend or foe; we ALL need unconditional love.
So go out and give out ‘free hugs’, smile at that stranger on the bus even though he/she might think you an absolute moron. People will never admit it but something inside them is activated when an act of kindness is shown to them. Have you paid attention to other people in daily life recently? So little people smile anymore when they’re out in public, a frown and downturned eyes are usually all I see. I’ve also realized how quickly that can be turned around, just by beaming out positive thoughts. Just try it :).

My identity has been lost for a long time but I think that I am gaining it back slowly. My identity is and always been that of a lover, a dreamer, a thinker and an idealist. I love myself for loving so much even if I’ve gotten hurt so badly in the past. I feel uplifted because I know my purpose now.

And I will start contributing to what the world needs right now, which is compassion and love because there is so little of it in this moment in time. download (1)

I highly recommend watching the documentary ‘I AM’ by Tom Shadyac, director of Ace Ventura, Bruce Almighty and more. You can watch it here, http://www.filmsforaction.org/watch/i_am_2010/

This is a documentary that really struck a nerve with me and actually spurred me on to write this post and to make the actual change. I also wanted to add in a music video by Jason Mraz- I Never Knew, most people think this song is about an ex-love but it’s not. It’s about enlightenment, because we’ve forgotten our truth and beauty. Hope you enjoy it!

Be well, and stay in Love.

Wake Up

I wrote this post a month or so back.. as I was in a very bad place. It’s only excerpts from the real note but I wanted to share some of it here, as it it yet another reason why I am feeling the way I am currently.


“So I write this letter. I am calm and collected which is strange because I thought I would be an emotional and physical wreck after coming to this conclusion.

I have been trying to hang in here, mostly for others because they care. But I am failing to see the end of this deep dark tunnel I am going through. I don’t belong in this world, in this society, in this time. Hell, I didn’t even belong in my biological body. I got it all wrong coming into this life this time.

I look around and I see so much destruction and fear. People judging, fearing and hating each other. It breaks my heart every day. War everywhere and over what?? Resources. Wake up people! Nobody is fighting a war for freedom anymore. It’s all about fear. Living in a monetary system where every individual has to work as a wage slave in order to just get by, to be able to do the things they want to do in the remaining time off, when they are not working for 8-12 hours a day, 5-6 days a week. I don’t know about you, but I am so exhausted of living this way. We are meant to live in abundance, if we want to experience something, to just be able to go out and do it without being told by everybody else that you have ´responsibilities` so stop trying to follow your heart because most likely you will just be labeled as a dreamer or a utopian. Instead I have to make due with the most beautiful stories written and feeling lost when I have to leave that dream-world again.

You know what’s real? We have all the resources we need on this planet to create a utopia, where nobody would ever have worry about money or poverty. Everybody could have access to anything they wanted without ever having to spend a dime. Working 4 hours a day instead of 8, to contribute to society, and the other hours of the day reserved for living out your dreams or spending that time with your loved ones. Or spend it on studying up on what truly inspires you, what truly calls out to you so you can help better the world even more. Why is this not being funded or being talked about extensively in the media?? Because the ones in power want to keep us small and asleep. And it’s worked. We are too caught up in material things and image that we are too blind to realize that the Change is just there for us, waiting for us to take a stand and demand it, because it is our right. Too little people get mad anymore about real things, where is the outrage for the way our rights are being stripped every day under the guise of protection. No, throw a smoke bomb this way, get people too caught up with the new iPhone or a news article about Miley Cyrus twerking it on stage? We have been sucked into a sleep-state and have become so far removed from Nature that we don’t even know how to organically plant food or even how to truly relax without having to share it with the rest of the world by social media. Instead, our educational system is failing, our prisons are overcrowded and privately owned. We as a people have become less intelligent and less caring. We know just enough to keep working a mediocre job but not enough to truly question what’s going on out there in the world.

Our forefathers are the ones who put us in this mess; we never asked to live like this. Worrying about if I am going to have enough money when I’m 67 so I can retire and finally spend MY own time. Are you kidding me?? By the time I reach 67, my body and heart will be so worn out from all the stress I’ve had to endure that I will die by 73. Which would make my entire life on earth a complete waste for not trusting my soul? I plan on getting lost in nature, where I belong. And if I die doing it, I would be a happy soul. I am tired of living a long meaningless, miserable life where I live to work. I rather live a short one filled with wonders, fun, love and nature.”

The note continues but I don’t feel comfortable in putting the rest up here for personal reasons. But in a jist that’s it, I am fed up with the current situation the world is in and I need it to change. I cannot be the only one feeling this way. For the love of God people, just please wake up and face the music. Ignorance is not bliss.

– Alex

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9 Signs You’re An Old Soul

9 Signs You’re An Old Soul

9 Signs Youre An Old Soul

“How old would you be if you didn’t know how old you are?” ~ Satchel Paige

There is a special kind of person in our world who finds himself alone and isolated, almost since birth.

His solitary existence isn’t from a preference or an antisocial temperament – he is simply old.  Old in heart, old in mind and old in soul, this person is an old soul who finds his outlook on life vastly different and more matured than those around him.  As a result, the old soul lives his life internally, walking his own solitary path while the rest around him flock to follow another.  Perhaps you’ve experienced this in your own life, or have witnessed it in another person?  If so, this article is dedicated to you, in hopes that you will come to define yourself, or understand another better.

The “Old Soul”

Robert Frost, Eckhart Tolle and even Nick Jonas have been called them.  Perhaps even you have?  I did.  Like many of them, this self discovery was made upon meeting Sol, who told me about his childhood as a precocious, intelligent boy who would befriend the teachers instead of the students, just because they were too different from him.  As he related his inability to find interest in and connection to the people his age, I discovered that I felt the same, and still do.

If you have not yet discovered whether you’re an old soul, read some of the revealing signs below.

9 Signs You’re An Old Soul

 1#   You tend to be a solitary loner.

Because old souls are disinterested in the pursuits and interests of the people in their age groups, they find it dissatisfying to make friends with people they find it hard to relate to.  The result is … old souls tend to find themselves alone a lot of the time.  People just don’t cut it for them.

2#   You love knowledge, wisdom and truth.

9 Signs Youre An Old SoulYep … this seems a little grandiose and overly noble, but the old soul finds himself naturally gravitating towards the intellectual side of life.  Old souls inherently understand that knowledge is power, wisdom is happiness and truth is freedom, so why not seek after those things?  These pursuits are more meaningful to them than reading up on the latest gossip about Snooki’s latest boyfriend, or the latest football scores.

3#   You’re spiritually inclined.

More emotional old souls tend to have sensitive and spiritual natures.  Overcoming the confines of the ego, seeking enlightenment and fostering love and peace are the main pursuits of these young-in-body Mother Teresa’s.  To them it seems the wisest, most fulfilling use of time.

9 Signs Youre An Old Soul

4#   You understand the transience of life.

Old souls are frequently plagued with reminders of not only their own mortality, but that of everything and everyone around them.  This makes the old soul wary and at times withdrawn, but wisely dictates the way they live their lives.
5#   You’re thoughtful and introspective.

Old souls tend to think a lot … about everything.  Their ability to reflect and learn from their actions and those of others is their greatest teacher in life.  One reason why old souls feel so old at heart is because they have learnt so many lessons through their own thought processes, and possess so much insight into life situations from their ability to quietly and carefully observe what if going on around them.

6#   You see the bigger picture. 9 Signs Youre An Old Soul

Rarely do old souls get lost in the superficial details of getting useless degrees, job promotions, boob jobs and bigger TV’s.  Old souls have the tendency to look at life from a birds eye view, seeing what is the most wise and meaningful way to approach life.  When confronted with issues, old souls tend to see them as temporary and passing pains that merely serve to increase the amount of joy felt in the future.  Consequently, old souls tend to have placid, stable natures as a result of their approach to life.

7#   You aren’t materialistic.

Wealth, status, fame, and the latest version of iPhone … they just bore old souls.  The old soul doesn’t see the purpose of pursuing things that can be easily taken away from them.  Additionally, old souls have little time and interest for the short-lived things in life, as they bring little meaning or long lasting fulfillment for them.

8#   You were a strange, socially maladaptive kid.

9 Signs Youre An Old SoulThis is not always the case, but many old souls exhibit odd signs of maturity at young ages.  Often, these children are labelled as being “precocious”, “introverted”, or “rebellious“, failing to fit into the mainstream behaviors.  Usually, these children are extremely inquisitive and intelligent, seeing the purposelessness of many things their teachers, parents and peers say and so, and either passively or aggressively resisting them.  If you can talk to your child like he/she’s an adult – you’ve probably got an old soul on your hands.

9#   You just “feel” old.

Before putting a name to what I felt, I experienced certain sensations of simply being an “old person” inside.  The feelings that accompany being an old soul are usually: a feeling of world wariness, mental tiredness, watchful patience, and detached calmness. Unfortunately, this can often be perceived as being aloof and cold, which is only one of many Old Soul Myths.

Just as some old people describe themselves as being “young at heart”, so too can young people be “old at heart”.

Are you an old soul? I know I surely am :).

Found on http://lonerwolf.com/9-signs-youre-an-old-soul/