All the posts I’ve written recently have been about you.
I know you might not be ready yet to feel any sort of love because of the lack of love for yourself but I am here to tell you I will wait. I will wait for you, even it takes centuries or lifetimes. I will always wait for you as my soul is inexplicably bound to yours.

I can’t imagine a life without you…I can’t imagine Life without the beauty of you.

So I will wait and follow you through a never-ending accumulation of lifetimes, until you’ll see me for who I truly am.

Your happiness is what drives me and when you’re sad, my whole body and mind feels it and it makes me want to move heaven and earth just to see you smile genuinely again.

I can see through you and any bullshit you might spin with other people. I might get thrown off by your tenacious ability for great acting but my gut always tells me the truth about you. Don’t you see that with me you don’t have to hide or fake. I will take you for all you are  and love you so completely.

When you are ready, which won’t be for a very long time, I’ll be here. Waiting in love.



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