Sexy baby

Why do you drive me so incredibly crazy

With that waist and those legs

Next I want to see them wrapped around

my neck

Taking you to a place of pure ecstacy which I know

you’ve never truly experienced.

If you would just let me,

I could unleash you

Into a world where you can finally be everything you ever aspired to be

Just take my hand and let me lead the way

It’s not just sexual

With you it’s never been

The truest of Love that I’ve ever seen or experienced is what

courses through my body when I sense your soul close

It hits me like lightning and leaves me sizzled all over

So overwhelming that I don’t know if I can take it again

But so insanely beautiful that I need to

Over and over again is how I want you

Your face close to mine

Your breathing short, and anticipating

My soul wants to dance with yours tonight

Just as it used to before this lifetime and many before that

It wants to reunite and celebrate that this lifetime is the one

where I found you again

It wants to wash over your body

Like a warm liquid blanket

Emitting safety and love

Never has there been anything more that I wanted

than your warm naked skin against my own

I want to feel the softness of you again like I did

that night
Every inch of your body will not be left untouched

I will carress and love the whole that is your temple

Let me show you what it’s like when true love touches you and never lets go

24th June 2013- © Alex G.


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