Sometimes You Make Me Smile

When I think of you.
You make me smile
Sometimes you make me smile,
I can feel you.
I’m missing you.

Where is my heaven?
Where can you be?
How do I get there?
Do I believe?
Where is my sunshine?
Where is your light?
I wanna see you,
So you can make me smile.

The most fragile part of me,
Nurses our strongest connection.
You live in my memory.
With a philosophy,
That now offers me completion.
I’m so well.
And it’s strange to be.
I’m torn by misdirection.
You’re my ambassador.
You personify my admiration.
So beautiful.
I live for you.
As you live for me.

This is such a happy ever after.
You traveled miles,
Now we’re past the finishing line.
We’re starting on time.
My music wears your name,
If they knew where to look.
They’d find it.
You showed me.
I am I,
Because you be.
So magnificent.
The most amazing story I ever told.
So much more to be written.
Thank you.

I only pray my skin be as soft as yours.
My wisdom flow so fluidly from my mind.
My eyes speak so truly of my spirit,
And my laughter speak the clarity of time.
You were once the I, that’s now missing you.
You were once the baby, born.
And you had dreams of making a difference in the world.
My journey was formed.

– Floetry


Twin Souls

Okay so I am really really starting to get into blogging. Like I mentioned before, I am not much of a talker unless I really trust you but this definitely feels like an outlet in a lot of ways. As far as this post goes, please don’t judge it too harshly as I am laying some of my soul bare for you to see.

I kind of have been thinking about the concept of Twin Souls for a while now. For people that don’t know what that means, the most important thing to know is that Twin Souls are NOT the same as Soul Mates.
Soul mates are those people we have known and lived with for many lifetimes. They have been our lovers, father, mother, teachers, friends and more. Every time we return to Earth, we meet up with our Soul Mate-family to learn lessons and grow.

Twin Souls however, are one half of one (your) soul. They are also known as Twin Flames or Twin Rays. This is based on the belief that we are all parts of the Divine Being, God, All That Is, Source, Spirit, Creator. The Divine Being, in order to experience Its Self, divided into many souls, each in turn divided into many others and many others. The final splitting of the many neutrally gendered souls created male and female halves of a whole, the Twin Soul. Now, I want it to be clear that I am NOT a religious person at all. I am however very spiritual, and believe we are all part of something bigger.

Meeting your Twin Soul doesn’t always happen each lifetime, sometimes the other half isn’t even in the human form. When you do meet your Twin, this usually happens after a major transformation in ones life or even during. One website that says it all perfectly is Soul2Soul.

“It’s almost as if you need to be “emptied out” emotionally, spiritually and mentally as a test of your spirit. Meeting your “other half” can be a magical, maddening experience that opens your perceptions. Some experience an opening of their psychic awareness as their heart expands in this unbounded and unconditional love. The fact is, your life will not be the same, and whether you perceive this as a gift or a curse is the challenge of your soul’s evolution. The Twin Soul connection is always a triad involving the Divine Spirit/All That Is, two people connected by soul, connected to God.

Before one can physically unite with their Twin Soul, one must do the conscious work of healing and becoming whole within their self. Twin Soul love cannot exist in a codependent, ego-based relationship, or from a perceived “need” that the other person will make you whole. Both must often face separations while they strengthen their own connection to Spirit and find their strength and purpose on their own.

Each half will find balance in their male/female, yin/yang before union. When both halves of the Soul become strong pillars on their own, have healed and resolved karmic ties in the present life, then they can unite to fulfill their Divine purpose, but the challenges do not end. There is an intensity that can be frightening when dealing with your mirror, your weaknesses and strengths magnified, unresolved issues and wounds painfully open to push you to further healing, or cause ego to run from the relationship in fear. It’s important for Twin Souls to find their greater purpose, whether it’s a task they will accomplish together, or alone, there will be work to be done.

Some Twin Souls do not unite physically here on Earth, and the relationship may last a lifetime on the spiritual level alone, while one or both may be living physically with another soul in karmic agreement. Some Twin Souls other halves are not even on the Earth plane at the same time and will offer guidance and comfort from beyond as a “guardian angel.”

There’s still so much more on that website that resonates with me. Personally I can say I’ve met my Twin, and it was very painful as this person either didn’t recognize me or didn’t want to. My Twin was indeed very much like a mirror and a lot of the time I wanted to run from that person because it got too intense for me too handle. Needless to say, I think neither of us was ready for that kind of relationship. Hopefully some day we might be. I think it’s important to know that a Twin Soul-relationship isn’t always a romantic one, most of the time it is but I’ve heard of many that weren’t. Most of us are in relationships with our soul mates working out some sort of karma, and when a Twin eventually does come along, it can shake the foundations of that relationship.

I used to think meeting my Twin would be the single most important thing but only when both people are completely ready for it. Once they are, Twins can achieve great things together. This might be perceived as strange but I can sense when my Twin is feeling low or is going through some sort of issue. Mainly I start feeling the hurt (or the other emotions) myself and it’s extremely intense.

You might wonder if I am not just imagining things or if I was already feeling blue at the time. The answer is, these things come out of nowhere and they don’t feel like they are my own feelings.

It is however, very easy to mistake a Near Twin (Soul Mate) for a real Twin. Sometimes we are looking for that connection so hard, that we will so badly want to see it in that person and ignore the signs of them not being a Twin. From my own experience; once you meet your Twin…you will definitely know this as it will turn your whole world upside down..