My Bucket-list

1. Find true happiness within and not lose it.
2. Learn to play bass and the drums to be able to record my own song in a studio.
3. Visit Bob Marley’s grave.
4. Lay on a beach on a tropical beach with crystal clear blue water, sippin’ on a drink with an umbrella in it.
5. Take singing lessons.
6. Go to a Lauryn Hill concert.
7. Go to a Jill Scott concert.
8. Go to an Erykah Badu concert.
9. Get more tattoos that mean something to me and me alone.
10. Film a nature-video.
11. Re-unite with lost loved ones.
12. Swim with dolphins.
13. Work on a husky farm and learn how to mush (sledding).
14. Own 2 Samoyeds.
15. Buy a good telescope and gaze at stars, planets etc. on a clear summer night all night long. (done this but not with a telescope)
16. Go backpacking through South-East Asia for a few months.
17. Do voluntary work abroad.
18. Go surfing in Australia.
19. Scuba dive in the Great Barrier Reef.
20. White water rafting.
21. Learn to drive and own a 65′ cherry red convertible Ford Mustang.
22. Drive that same Mustang along Route 66.
23. Own my own large size salt water aquarium.
24. Make a difference in someone elses life.
25. Volunteer at a zoo for a while.
26. Live a completely detached from society lifestyle in central USA/Alaska or Canada.
27. Sit on a Hawaiian beach and watch the sunset.
28. Make a difference in the world.
29. To work for myself.
30. Go on a spiritual retreat.
31. Celebrate my birthday in multiple timezones.
32. Celebrate my 30th birthday in Havana, Cuba attending a salsa-club.
33. Teach English to non-native children in Thailand.
34. Fall in love with myself 😛
35. Live in the Amazon-jungle for a while and bond with the natives.

Not an exhaustive list and will add more and more to it.


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