Ever since I’ve started work at my new job, which happens to be a major travel agency, the ideas for travelling have started creeping up again.
Mind you, traveling and NOT moving.

I am going to be turning 30 this November and I am feeling like it’s kind of a big deal; so this year I want to do something special and go somewhere exotic. There are a few destinations on my list but the following are what I’ve come up with so far:


– Cuba; this destination is at the top of my list because there are just so many things that attract me to this country; the location itself (Caribbean), the culture and music (Salsa), the food and the atmosphere. Not to mention that they still have the old school American cars that I absolutely love. It would be an ideal vacation as it would be mixed with a beach break as well as culture infusion :). Totally see myself chillin’ on the beach with a Cuba Libre and a fat cigar. To go salsa-dancing afterwards in one of the many brilliant clubs there.


– Indonesia; While I wouldn’t be able to see all of the islands, I feel like this would be an obvious choice. My roots lie here and I’ve never been to Asia. It’s an absolutely breathtaking country combined with the culture and great weather. However, if I go here I’d want to stay for at least a month and so that might not the best option considering I’d also want to tour more of South-East Asia as well as Australia/NZ.


– Hawaii; to be specific Kaua’i. I’ve always wanted to visit Hawaii mostly because of it’s Polynesian appeal while still being able to speak English. I’ve heard that Kaua’i has absolutely spectacular sunsets (I love sungazing), beautiful beaches and again wonderful food. I’d also be able to swim with dolphins here and go snorkeling. Also hiking is supposed to awesome on the island. Not to mention that a lot of movies were filmed in Kaua’i ( I am a big movie nerd) such as the first Indiana Jones, Jurassic Park, oh and Pirates of the Caribbean. I mean come on! How awesome would that be?

After that it really starts to become destinations which should be for long vacations only. I wish that I had my drivers license so I could rent a convertible Ford Mustang and cruise the entirety of Route 66 but that’ll have to wait until a few years from now.

Being around my new colleagues has definitely sparked my wanderlust again, as I hear their stories about all the countries they’ve been to. In that way I feel like I haven’t seen anything yet and I used to think I was quite well-travelled! With this new job, I will have 500 euro travel-allowance which I’ll be able to put towards my 30th birthday celebration combined with any other discounts I might be able to get.

So far 2014 seems to be going in a much better direction that previous years; I seem to have found myself and also seem to understand how I tick much better now. I am someone who just floats on the wind, not caring where it takes me next. Which is why I won’t ever be able to tell where I am going to end up 10 years from now. I am ever changing, ever evolving. It kind of scares me to hit the big 30 at the end of the year, mostly because I don’t feel a day over 21. A few years ago I thought I might have ended up married with a family, mortgage and a golden retriever (stereotypical obviously) by now. Now I see that I don’t feel that need at all yet; there’s still TOO much to experience for ME before I am able to commit to a tied down life like that. I’ve just pretty much started living and am not about to give it up.
Not long ago, I was so ready to throw it all away. Throw in the towel and just off myself because my future looked so incredibly bleak and empty. It’s at this moment in time hard for me to imagine how I could’ve been so low. I am careful when I say this moment in time because I know myself, and I have the ability to relapse quickly. However, so far this year I’ve been doing good. Just a couple of low days here and there but nothing like the all-consuming black cloud that swallows me up and keeps me prisoner.

Anyways, that’s it for today. 🙂 For now I’ll be day-dreaming about the below setting.




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