On Saturday morning I received a text from my dad that my mom was admitted in the hospital.
I cannot describe the terror that hit my heart when I read the text.

A few weeks ago my mom was really sick as well, and it turned out to be kidney stones, which she hid from me because she didn’t want me to be worried in my state. Apparently those weren’t kidney stones but appendicitis which came to the forefront when my parents were visiting in The Netherlands with my siblings. I was a bit upset because I didn’t hear about it until the next day that my mom was in the hospital and I really wished someone would’ve notified me asap.

Appendicitis can be fatal if left untreated and the fact that the Spanish doctor completely missed this, really doesn’t inspire any confidence for me. It’s still unknown whether my mother will need an appendectomy. Either way I am worried because this is my mom, who is nearly 65 and has never been admitted to the hospital before. It’s in times like these that I realize how much I love my mom and my first thought was ‘ I want my mom’ which just shows that home will always be home, no matter how old you are. It kills me to hear that my mom is in so much pain and I am not there to do anything about it. Unfortunately I just don’t have enough money to fly to Holland.

Sunday I am supposed to fly to Malaga but my parents aren’t very confident in knowing if they’re going to be in Spain because they are supposed to be coming back by car and as long as my mother is still in the hospital..I don’t have too much hope either.
I really feel like I am being crapped on by the Universe right now because this was the only thing I wanted..to see my parents. Don’t get me wrong, I am very grateful that my mom’s appendicitis was caught in time but it still feels raw to me that I might miss seeing them altogether.. 😦

I am worried…and I wish I could be taking care of her right now.

I love you mom ❤

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One thought on “I want to go home

  1. I know it’s hard but your mom will be fine. She is taken care of and I do have a feeling that you’ll get to see them, even if just a little bit less than you expected. Do not give up hope.

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