I never really felt like I fit into this society, I’ve always been the outsider in a world that’s never really made sense to me. Something has been wrong with the world for as long as I can remember.

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I think I have finally figured out why. The insatiable need in today’s world for competition, recognition and wealth has turned into a global epidemic, like some mental disorder sweeping over the masses. We have been taught by society that we are all separate, all individuals and that we have to show off what we are worth so we can climb the societal ladder up to the top.

But if you look at nature, which is where we come from, it’s so very clear that we are all connected.
We as human beings at large, have separated ourselves from nature and think that to be happy we need to collect things. More money equals more happiness. Does it really? Because as the richer get richer, the poorer become poorer. And I don’t see more happiness in the world, instead I see more people becoming increasingly more frustrated, lonely, depressed and angry.

We as humans are not inherently evil at the core, we are at heart compassionate and loving. It’simages (7) just that we have been indoctrinated with this propaganda that we are not all equal and that there is a need to have what the neighbor has or to obtain some bigger and better. And we will even go to war over it. Oil anyone?

I now also realize why I’ve never made it to the top in any type of career. It’s simple; I’ve never cared for such things. All I ever wanted was to give love and live in a balanced society, where nobody gets left behind. I have rejected traditional schooling and the rules that society has placed upon me. It’s also one of the biggest reason why I’ve become depressed. I am almost unable to function anymore because I feel the grief and the sorrow weighing heavily on my shoulders. There’s this nagging feeling that I am supposed to fulfill a mission in this lifetime that has to do with this big Change coming. But I still haven’t figured out exactly what it is.

There is a cancer in this world, and it’s spreading. However, there is hope. The masses are awakening. And the people in charge that wish to keep us living this way are losing their grip.

Never has the world been more polarized than now; it’s why some think that the End Times are coming and others believe that Heaven on Earth is around the corner. The energies are extreme, people are desperately clinging onto the old belief system and others are doing their part in tearing it down.

Make no mistake, the World is changing. I used to be a doomsday thinker but this is not the type of energy I want to contribute to the world. See it’s been proven that our thoughts do indeed make a difference in terms of manifesting in reality. And I do not want to be one of those that is caught in the fear-vibration because that will not do any of us any good in the end.

Instead I am going to radiate Love, embody it completely, shine it out to anybody that is in need. Whether it be friend or foe; we ALL need unconditional love.
So go out and give out ‘free hugs’, smile at that stranger on the bus even though he/she might think you an absolute moron. People will never admit it but something inside them is activated when an act of kindness is shown to them. Have you paid attention to other people in daily life recently? So little people smile anymore when they’re out in public, a frown and downturned eyes are usually all I see. I’ve also realized how quickly that can be turned around, just by beaming out positive thoughts. Just try it :).

My identity has been lost for a long time but I think that I am gaining it back slowly. My identity is and always been that of a lover, a dreamer, a thinker and an idealist. I love myself for loving so much even if I’ve gotten hurt so badly in the past. I feel uplifted because I know my purpose now.

And I will start contributing to what the world needs right now, which is compassion and love because there is so little of it in this moment in time. download (1)

I highly recommend watching the documentary ‘I AM’ by Tom Shadyac, director of Ace Ventura, Bruce Almighty and more. You can watch it here, http://www.filmsforaction.org/watch/i_am_2010/

This is a documentary that really struck a nerve with me and actually spurred me on to write this post and to make the actual change. I also wanted to add in a music video by Jason Mraz- I Never Knew, most people think this song is about an ex-love but it’s not. It’s about enlightenment, because we’ve forgotten our truth and beauty. Hope you enjoy it!

Be well, and stay in Love.


4 thoughts on “The Change

  1. It’s like you’ve written my thoughts about the world as I see it in your posts, I so wholeheartedly agree with everything you have said in this post, society has de-constructed communities and togetherness and created an unobtainable ideal, that we can all aspire and gain the same things, that we are the kings and queens of our own castles, where in actual fact we are not, we are far greater when we connect with each other, communicate through words, be part of nature, not cooped up inside four walls answering to machines…and funnily enough, just earlier I was pondering how much a difference it makes when someone goes out of their way to say hello, or part with a warm smile…we have been conditioned so much to be afraid of each other, that it feels like we have forgotten how to be humans..humans as nature intended us to be…

    Another great post Alex, keep up the great work, you are doing an amazing job. x

  2. Thank you Ozlem, it makes me smile to have that coming from you :). You are so eloquent with your words, I wish I had that! I guess fear seems to rule everyday life now and it’s such a shame..

    @Sara..I told you I would find it again, it’s not completely there yet but I am getting there. I love you ❤

    1. You are eloquent with your words, or else I would not be reading what you write 😉 so please do not think otherwise…and sadly, those in power can get us to do a lot of things by utilising the natural fear within us, they know it through history, and have used that to implement it on us, unsuspectingly…

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