We are separated by both distance and beliefs, yet my heart is always one with you. Where I go, who I meet, I take you with me. My love for you, our eternal bond shines through my smile and my gaze on everyone I meet. You are a part of me, I cannot deny, forsake, or forget.

I long for the day we are reunited, by the Universe’s grace, in it’s timing, something this important could come no other way and I pray for it daily. I love you to the true depths of my soul and despite the distance, I am with you always.

Be well my love, hear the whisper of my soul to yours and forget me no more. I wait for your return faithfully, hopefully, expectantly, for I have no doubt in you or in Universe who created us both. It has never failed me, I know it won’t fail me here. ~ I love you… I wait for you.

Not written by me. First appeared on, all credits go the author. I just changed the words God into Universe, as I am not religious but spiritual.


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