Cipher-The Floacist

This Goddess is blowing my mind!!!! Just AMAZING

Open like hungry lips
Or seductive hips
The passage is clear for satisfaction
Outstretched prayers
Falling on introspective ears
Hearts beat to communicate rhythm
The flow needed for building
Not necessary
But productive
Addicted to the chemicals released when hyper active
Throwing psychological temper tantrums
Hurting yourself
Now’s a good time to drop all defenses
Pick updated modules for download
Pimp your ride
Inside this cipher
Release the pressure of being know
By knowing yourself
No bullet to dodge
If no weapon is fired
We feel what we know
Watch the translation
Phantom legacy
Like one would be flattered by the attention
Meditating on a battle
Structure the dream scope
Erase the information that’s got it’s hold on you
Enter cipher
With the purpose to embellish
And replenish
Something like a phenomenon
Unstoppable like optimism
Unshakable like time
Never diminished
Just revised
Every single side telling lies
In the eye of the beholder
Every story is true
Bask in the cipher
Where word lets loose
Too tame when housebound
The voice must be let out
To gallop, canter and graze
One must exercise or go lame
My heart cries for the mind where the breeze doesn’t blow
Where the sun doesn’t shine
If One has nowhere to express as divine
My heart would cry for you
For without my cipher
I know not what I would do

© Natalie “Floacist” Stewart

Natalie “Floacist” Stewart – Cipher


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