Diary of an Epistrophian Starseed

Seasons have changed,
and the leaves are falling.
The breezes bring with
them, a silent calling.
The skies grow dimmer,
yet the light shines bright.
A light visible to kindred
spirits like you and I.
I see you in the room with me
and everybody disappears.
I see a light around you that
has shined for all these years.
When the eyes finally meet,
and the hearts palpitate,
the angels sing around us,
like a melodious call of fate.
For this I will keep returning,
for these seconds of ecstasy.
And the human in you will
one day, see the divine in me.
Until then, my beloved,
know that it is never too late.
I will keep coming for you,
because you are worth the wait.

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