Good, the weekend is here again. Not that it’s been a busy week but it’s nice to just come home, realize that in the morning I don’t have to pull myself from a wonderful dream and try to drag my half-asleep zombie-body to work. I walk to work these days and it’s about a 45 minute trip each way, gives me loads of time to process my early morning thoughts and feelings with some music that speaks to my soul.


Yes, I finally have found myself again. I have re-discovered great artists and albums, Before I had forgotten what it was like to really, truly listen to a song, eyes closed, head back. Having the music take you away to a magic, far-off place without anything to worry about.
My old self has come back, the kid in me. He is alive and kicking. It makes me so incredibly happy that I found that again. To be truly happy in a single moment and making that moment last as long as possible without thinking too much about it.

When I was younger, about 11 years old, I was inseparable from my Sony Walkman. I wasn’t exactly popular in school, so I spent pretty every waking moment with it. Sitting by myself in the playground, in the park, or just walking around taking in the music with my everything. I listened to artists most kids my age didn’t know. In so many ways, music has always been there to save me. 

Then why did I lose my passion of truly listening and enjoying it to the fullest? I let life get caught up with me being almost always in the state of just fleeting moments, so not being calm enough to sit down and listen like I used to. Sometimes I hate mp3’s, this took a lot of the appeal and magic away for me. No sitting in the corner of the room with the album art in your hand or reading the lyrics. Memorizing the writers of your favorite songs.
Yeah, I guess you could say I am nostalgic. So I’ve decided to go back to then; I’ll be buying a vinyl player soon and starting up my LP-selection. I want to give into my child self because it’s what makes my soul happy :).


Also I am looking forward to my vacation which is from the 9th-19th August where I’ll be very happily soaking up all of the good life I have. Blessed am I. Thankful am I. For you. For everything we had and have. For what’s still to come. Together. I love you.


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