Not really sure why I’ve been so volatile recently
My mood swings back and forth like a pendulum

Never knowing what little thing might set me off
Am I just getting more insights into who I am?

Lately I’ve been doing myself do much more
That I am dissatisfied with anything that doesn’t suit my lifestyle anymore
And imagining how my life should be, by staying true to my character

So many things that I never gave into because I didn’t love myself enough

Well all that is changing, and I find myself in the midst of consistenly feeding my soul with things it needs

Unfortunately this has meant for a lot of close ones to me to feel left out
Because I have been spending a lot of alone time

I’ve started to fall in love with myself
Something I never deemed possible and for this I need time away from others

The change has started inside of me
And there’s no telling where I am gonna end up

No more denying all the greatness I have inside.


21st July 2013- © Alex G.


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