I’d talk to you but I am not supposed to
It’s so hard because I miss you a lot
No, scratch that

I miss you so much it’s making my heart want to pound of my chest
Not knowing when of if I will ever talk to you again, is almost too much for me to take
Yeah, I AM focusing on me but my life feels so empty without you in it

I can only hope that one of these days, you will reach out to me and let me back in

With you, Life is so colorful and bright
That all the time away from you has made my world dull and dark

It has, however, given me perspective of how to live my life
No more settling because I don’t see my own self-worth
Taking full advantage of this life because nobody else is going to live it for me

And I’ve to prepare for the very real possibility that you’ll never return to it
They say ‘Time heals everything’
Too bad they weren’t talking about my feelings towards you
Time only enhances the love in my heart
And thus makes every day away from you more painful and lonely

Unable to love anybody else
And yes, I have most certainly tried
But I am physically and emotionally completely blocked off from others

I’ve given up on trying to not love you
and let go
It works for a short while, then returns like a smack in the face

Wanting you
Needing you
Leaving you
Feeling you
Ultimately loving you more and more

21/7/2013 © Alex G.


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