When I think of you.
You make me smile
Sometimes you make me smile,
I can feel you.
I’m missing you.

Where is my heaven?
Where can you be?
How do I get there?
Do I believe?
Where is my sunshine?
Where is your light?
I wanna see you,
So you can make me smile.

The most fragile part of me,
Nurses our strongest connection.
You live in my memory.
With a philosophy,
That now offers me completion.
I’m so well.
And it’s strange to be.
I’m torn by misdirection.
You’re my ambassador.
You personify my admiration.
So beautiful.
I live for you.
As you live for me.

This is such a happy ever after.
You traveled miles,
Now we’re past the finishing line.
We’re starting on time.
My music wears your name,
If they knew where to look.
They’d find it.
You showed me.
I am I,
Because you be.
So magnificent.
The most amazing story I ever told.
So much more to be written.
Thank you.

I only pray my skin be as soft as yours.
My wisdom flow so fluidly from my mind.
My eyes speak so truly of my spirit,
And my laughter speak the clarity of time.
You were once the I, that’s now missing you.
You were once the baby, born.
And you had dreams of making a difference in the world.
My journey was formed.

– Floetry



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