Dear Dad,

Tomorrow you’re turning 65
But in my eyes you’re still the same young, strong father that I grew up with

You’ve taught me so much in life
Mainly how to not sell myself short and always stay true to the real Me
How to give love and receive it.

I have so much to thank you for
even if not all memories with you are rainbows and glitter

I thank you for all the great trips you’ve taken me on as a kid
No place was ever too far for you
And you indulged my natural appetite for knowledge by teaching me and showing me things that seem to go forgotten by a lot of people in this world. Especially never to take anything at face-value, but rather to question it and research

Because of you, I’ve grown up to be a strong, compassionate and fair man

You were always my superhero from the beginning

I am truly happy to have gotten you in this life as my main male role-model and my protector from when I was a little one

Even though you’re turning a milestone at 65, you will always be my Papa and nothing in this world will ever change that.

Especially not Time.

So go ahead and celebrate this wonderful day, as will I and know that I am always with you in spirit.

I love you dad.

16th of July 2013 © Alex G.




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