Been having those weird dreams again. Seems like full moon is upon us once again. I don’t put too much stock in these things but it strikes me as funny that it does have an immense effect on me. One of the reasons why during a full moon, I ALWAYS prefer to stay indoors. Not that I turn into some sort of crazed werebeast but I prefer to not submit myself to other ‘luna’tics. 

I’ve been doing great the last few months to the point where it feels like certain periods of my life never happened. However the dreams are coming back to me now and it’s confusing me a little because to be honest, I don’t want to get dragged back into those memories. But I am pretty sure this will be temporary. 

Also lately I’ve gotten sucked into watching Smallville and watched 5 seasons within a span of a few days. I’ve always been a fan of anything Superman as far back as I can remember for the sole reason that he could fly. But I worry a bit about myself. I’ve gotten so into Smallville that I sometimes wish my life would be that interesting or special. So I’ve taken a step back from watching because I felt it making me slip into a darker abyss again. Sure as hell don’t ever wanna go back there. However, it makes me wonder. Is my life that uneventful that I feel the need to escape into a fantasyworld? Something must be lacking somewhere in my life and I wish I knew what it was. Not that my life isn’t really great right now because it is. I have everything I want and a bright future once again ahead of me. But something will always be nagging at my soul and I feel like I’ll never figure out what exactly it is..

And that drives me crazy..




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