So, I am moving once again this coming weekend.

I’ve decided to leave Cork behind and move to the capital of this country, Dublin. It feels like the right thing to do. It never felt quite the same after moving back here for the second time and to me Cork seems to have changed, in a negative way. Could also be me though. Either way it feels like the right time to move on.  I’ve experienced everything I am going to experience in this town and am thankful for the memories, the good as well as the bad. 

Dublin will be quite different, it’s so much busier and fast-paced. I will definitely enjoy the anonimity of the big city. I am always running into people I know where I am now and sometimes (more often than not) I am just not in the mood to chat with these people. Also I miss the conveniences of a bigger city, things I can’t get here. Not saying I won’t miss this little town. Cork has a great charm to it, with warm people and awesome pubs and I would recommend it to anybody to visit or to live. However, I’ve noticed that it functions primarily as a transport-hub of sorts. People never stay permanently and always move on after having stayed for a while. That alone makes me a little nervous to truly bond with people because they will leave anyways. Ireland is an awesome country, and I feel so lucky to live here. I don’t see myself leaving this country either anytime soon :). After trying out several other countries, Ireland is where I feel most at home (although 4 seasons would be appreciated). It’s still bloody cold and rainy here towards the end of March!! In Dublin, it has been snowing for the last two days as a testament! But I figure I will keep those requests for holidays, I’ve got plenty of time to figure out where to go next. Currently I am leaning towards the Florida Keys or just the Caribbean straight up. 

Man, Cork was great and wonderful but to all good things come an end. 

Below some pictures of this little ‘Republic’.




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