Here I stand
Infront of this mirror again

 Every night we meet

And I look deep into those dark eyes
Looking for a solution, a glimmer of hope

There it is
Like an old friend

But these feelings are far from friendly

The fear, it’s back
The confusion, front and center

Change is coming and I don’t know how to handle it this time
Tired of changing
Tired of losing
Tired of worrying

Getting ready to run in 3,2,1
But there’s nowhere left to run
The energy to do it, is gone

So I will just..


© Alex G.



4 thoughts on “Here I stand

  1. Wow this is so beautiful. So sad. No one should have to go through such darkness. With these trying times, it is important to allow the emotions come and recognize them. Let them flow freely, as hard as it may be.

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