Been having lots of those kind of dreams, I wonder if it’s just wishful thinking or if in fact, I am connecting with my loved ones in dreamstate.. Guess we’ll never truly know.

Sarah Murrays Theories

I think its possible that two people can communicate to each other through dreams if they have a strong enough connection. I have experienced this with people I know who live on the other side of the world and will tell me they had the same dream as me or remember what we were talking about or doing in the dream we shared.

There has to be some form of energy transmitted from our minds like a frequency that can be carried somehow through thoughts in waves of energy that literally travel and make a direct connection with those who we think of.

Example, ever begin thinking of someone from the past when all the sudden you get a call from that person and have not heard from them in years? Its a connection made from them to you that re-triggers your memory. This happens with me all the timeā€¦

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