After having a great day yesterday, I knew it was almost too good to be true for it to keep continuing  It started out when I got into work at 8.15. There’s this colleague there who has some serious issues if you ask me, but he sits in my pod and we have to deal with each other 8 hours a day pretty much.

I am always very amiable to him and wish him good morning whereas he never says it back. I sat down this particular morning, just logged on when out of nowhere it comes.

“What is wrong with you Alex?” In an accusatory tone. I respond “Nothing really, I am just tired” and kind of nervously laughed it off because truth of the matter is, the guy intimidates me for numerous reasons which I will explain more in detail after. He goes on “No, something is systematically wrong with you. I think you should just kill yourself. Seriously do it. I would suggest jumping out of the window here but it’s not high up enough. So I will do you a favor and grab you some draining fluid”.  I was flabbergasted and had no clue of how to respond to that. What would even make someone want to say that to another person? Even if it was in a joking manner, it’s still appalling and had it been a few weeks earlier, a comment like that would’ve shoved me over the edge I was already standing on at that time. 

I naturally reported this to my manager and actions were taken but really, this guy is smart and just said he didn’t remember saying that to me at all. Apparently that’s a loophole as they can’t investigate further. 

My history with this particular person isn’t great. I don’t know what I have ever done to piss him off but he has so far, splashed beer in my face in a pub when I just said hello, made a demeaning remarks about my race, language and intellect. Up until this point I have let it slide because I hate confrontation and I think there is seriously something wrong with the wiring in his brain. Some people tell me he is a schizophrenic, even if he is, which is regrettable, this is still piss-poor behaviour and he is just getting away with it. I have seen him pull this crap on other colleagues but everybody just attributes it to his character. How long can a person like this just keep going with misbehaving, hurting and possibly endangering people? He said it with such hate to me, that I really felt like he wanted me to do it. What could I’ve possibly done to have sparked such hate? 

Just when I started back full-time and was enjoying my job again, does this shit happen. The worst thing? He is getting promoted to Team Manager or Trainer and my complaint didn’t do anything at all..

What the fuck people??????



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