Bulgaria, Bulgaria, Bulgaria. Today I picked up my debit card from the bank. Of course it wasn’t just as simple as walking in and getting my card. No, the guard at the front door first wanted to know what I came to do there so I signed the shape of a card while saying “debit card”. Then I was guided to a desk where the first thing they wanted was my passport. Didn’t I do all this stuff a week before already when I filled out a dozen papers just to open a bank account? I guess not as the clerk needed more from me.

After filling out 5 more papers I finally got my debit card and internet banking. Granted the internet banking was set up a whole lot faster than in Ireland (it took about a month and a half!!) Then I wanted to activate it, the guard saw me “lurking” about the ATM so he told the clerk. The clerk then proceeded to come out and tell me my card wouldn’t be active for another four hours. Bummer. Not that there was a whole lot in my account anyways, try the amount of 0.

Anyways, that was an interesting experience. S and I haven’t been doing a whole bunch of touristy stuff because of the weather at the moment. Apparently May and June are the wettest months here and we are definitely noticing that. We did however, finally find a big supermarket with things we have been looking for ever since we got here. One of the most frustrating things is not being able to find what you need in a store cause a. you don’t know what it’s called, b. it’s all in Cyrillic. But we are starting to learn what certain things are in Bulgarian and it’s getting easier and easier.

I am definitely looking forward to summer time though. It can get extremely hot here and I really need to start working on my tan already.

Work’s been interesting, I haven’t quite made up my mind yet about it. But then again, I didn’t exactly come here for the job. I came for the country and to relax mostly. Unlike a lot of people, I really don’t care much for a career, never have and never will. My environment is the most important and this here is a great environment but I certainly miss my friends. My colleagues at work are mostly Dutch and I just don’t gel very well with other Dutchies. Kinda weird but it is what it is.

Next weekend S and I will be attending the team building for a day and a half. That should break the ice more between me and my colleagues. Hopefully we’ll make some connections with other people because at this point that’s really the only thing missing.

So not too much of exciting news but I am sure that’ll change soon enough.

Thanks for reading :).



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