A decent working computer would be nice. I’ve been leaning towards a Lenovo Aio :D. I’d like some new gadgets as I had to give up some which sucked.

To continue with the materialistic things; a big LED 3D screen. I know, I feel bad for wanting all that!

Learn how to stargaze with a telescope; I am really into planets, stars, constellations, nebulas and such so I want to become more professional when it comes to that. A big want is to be able to photograph all that I will be able to see with the telescope. Hopefully by the end of next month I’ll have my very own telescope!

Learn fluent Bulgarian; very necessary for a foreigner in Bulgaria! So many people want to talk to me and I hate not being able to understand them or hold a conversation! It’s getting seriously frustrating :(.

(Prim mountains, Bulgaria. So gorgeous..)

Two Samoyeds and a husky please, if you will! I am a big big dog-lover and it’s so incredibly hard for me to be without any kind of pet. I’ve said countless times how much I love Sammies, and I just pretty much always wanted a Siberian husky but never had one.
Mostly a dog for me means a best friend that I can take on long walks and hikes. They give so much without limit.

(hehe, cutie patooties)

A stress-free, fun , filled with positive energy, kind of life. Of course, this is never going to be something that can come true completely. There will always be some amount of stress but hey, it’s a want so!

To be completely comfortable with myself and to accept myself as the awesome kick-ass person I am. I’d like to learn to forgive myself  for all the abuse I’ve put myself through during all the years.
This is going to take some serious work! Work in progress…..


One thought on “10 Day You-Challenge; 7 Wants

  1. I love your wants – makes me feel kinda shallow ;). As long as you are working on it, you are on your way of loving yourself. Sometimes the best thing is to just realize it and let it come naturally 🙂

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