Spiders and other crawly things; if it has more than 4 legs, chances are I won’t like it very much. Logic dictates that they are more scared of me than I of them, and that’s all good and well but I still think they’re all EVIL.

Speaking in front of a big audience; I don’t like to have all the attention on me at any given time. I am better one on one.

Bad grammar and spelling; this might be more of an annoyance than an actual fear but I fear for our youngest generation.

Losing control; I am a very calm person on the outside but on the inside a whole world of emotions is stirring. This is why I don’t like confrontations or arguments. Mostly because if you keep piling on crap, I will go off like a nuclear bomb. Thus I am afraid of losing control of my perfect temperament. I don’t quite turn green like the Hulk but it’s still bad enough.

Negativity; I am quite an empath and even though I most of the time can hold my own, sometimes it happens that someone drains my energy with their own negative BS. And that can just really ruin a perfectly good day.

Being hurt by others; I’ve been hurt more than I care to remember by so-called friends and family that I really don’t let people close enough to be able to do it again. Every now and again, someone does slip through the cracks though and I just anticipate being dissapointed or hurt. Not the best way to live, but in that way I can be quite bitter.

2012; No I am not afraid of 2012 turning out to be a Doomsday-scenario. In all honesty, I am afraid that absolutely nothing will happen. I am one of those people who truly believe a change needs to come, and will come. I don’t want the world to end in the physical sense but I want it to end the way it is now. No more greed, no more war, no more children and people dying because they can’t afford to eat. I want us all to ascend to a higher dimension, and if you think I am a fruity floater because of it, I really don’t care.  One day you will wake up and see what I see.

That my loved ones don’t know how precious they truly are to me and I will die before I get a chance to let them know that.

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