So the weather hasn’t been all that the last week. Going from 29 celcius, cloudless skies to 10 celcius, cloudy and rainy makes it a hard adjustment. It also makes me want to stay in this weekend! As said previously, we live in the mountains and we pretty much have the clouds nearly floating into our door. It’s a beautiful sight and I don’t mind it much but I am ready for summer to come. It gives us an indication of how cold it can already get here, so we really have to get prepared come winter-time. Thermal underwear comes to mind. Thankfully, we have a wood-stove and even though I don’t know how to make a fire (yet) I am so wicked excited to use it. But I am getting carried away, summer needs to happen first. 😀

(above: view from our front porch)

It’s been nearly a month since we moved to Bulgaria, and everything so far has been extremely positive and awesome. I am doing the same kind of work I did in Ireland, mainly inbound. But this time I am a Customer care-agent and I have other tasks besides just inbound-calls. This suits me much better as inbound tends to get boring after a few hours.
Anywho, we finished training this Friday and went “live” in the afternoon. The knot in my stomach went away pretty fast once I had taken a few calls. The atmosphere at work is the same as life in Bulgaria is; relaxed. I love that about this country, nothing goes particularly fast and that’s just fine by me. Who needs stress?

The bus I take to work goes once every hour and it’s when I see some of the most colourful people come out. Little old ladies with homegrown vegetables and herbs on their way to the vegetable market to make a few extra Leva a month, the shepherd with his goats/sheep/cows walking about, donkeys grazing by the side of the road. It’s like I stepped 60 years back in time and it makes me smile EVERY time. Who knew a place like this still existed?

Our landlord lives right next to us and does not speak a single word of English, which makes communication interesting to say the least. It mainly consists of charades, phrasebook sentences and guessing. He’s a nice guy though, he fixes everything straight away and makes sure we have everything we need. Last time he saw we had our clothes out to dry on the chairs, so he provided us with a drying rack. We never even had to ask. And this is more and more what I see from Bulgarians; they want to help you out.
Some of my colleagues complain that Bulgarians are just out to get your money and whatnot, and frankly, that shit just rubs me wrong way. I haven’t had ONE single bad thing happen with Bulgarians. Maybe I am just flexible and adaptable but they seem to like me just fine.
What I know by now, is that no country is perfect, let alone the people living in that country. All we can do is just to help each other out whenever we can and not judge. For some people however, that’s just asking way too much.

I have no clue what life here is going to bring but whatever it is, I embrace it fully. I really don’t want to leave here anymore. This feels like my safe haven. With that said, I do miss the people I’ve left behind and wish I would have made smarter decisions. But I’ve never been a very rational person, always more of a emotional one and just do what I feel. And I feel everything x 10, whether it’s a happy emotion or a dark one. Sometimes it’s just a bit of a curse and I do wish people would stop thinking that I am too sweet of a person, as I definitely am not.

My colleague the other day told me that he loves the way I am always so positive, and that I have a very calming energy. He has heart problems/is very temperamental and said that whenever he is around me, he calms right down. It’s nice to know that I can have that kind of impact on someone who I don’t even know that well. Sometimes I wonder who else I might have had an impact on..

“People will forget what you say, people will forget what you did but they will never forget how you made them feel.”

And with those words, I bid you all good night (Leka nosht/Лека нощ)


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