Traveling and Nature; I love wandering around the world exploring one country at a time. I haven’t been too nearly as many countries as I’d like to and especially now I feel like I have found my spot, so from now on it’ll just be vacationing!

Playing video games;  ever since I was a little kid, I’ve loved arcade-games but my parents usually didn’t give me money to play so I’d just watch others and play the demo. Now if I want something I just buy it!

The Supernatural; anything mystical, scary  or spiritual. I’ve always been into Vampires when they were still cool (e.g. Twilight..yuck!!). I count myself as a spiritual person and believe that there’s more on this earthly plane than just us humans. Something that has been proved to me time and time again.

Snow; fresh fallen snow always puts a smile on my face. The way it blankets the entire world under a white cover is beautiful. My favorite thing to do then, is to take my dogs (if I have any) out for a long walk. The best thing is to see their paw prints on fresh snow. That and the sound it makes when you walk! Chrispy!!! I love anything Nordic anyways, Finland, Sweden, Norway are all countries that I love to visit.

Sun; as much as I love snow, I possibly like the sun even more. I’ve learned that I really need sunny weather in order to feel good. When I don’t I get sulky and depressed. It doesn’t matter whether it’s sun in the winter-time or summer-time. Of course, occasionally I love a good rainstorm, just not 365 days out of the year. Extreme weather is something that intrigues me as well and living here in the mountains of Bulgaria, we get to see that plenty so far!

Music; I love all sorts of music, but mostly the kind that moves me deeply.

Samoyeds; I LOVE LOVE these dogs. They are the best dog-breed in my opinion, loving, caring, clown-like and extremely intelligent. The best dog I ever had was a Sammy :).

Movies; I am a big movie-buff and I watch for the most part anything except for chick-flicks. Trailers alone can get me really happy and going to the movies is something I try to do on a frequent basis.

My loved ones, of course. The people that have come and gone in my life who impacted me, are always in my heart.



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