Well, I’ve been gone a while but with good reason. I’ve been in training for my work for nearly 2 weeks now and haven’t exactly had the time to blog about my experiences thus far. My other half has done much better when it comes to blogging and you can find her on Daily Visual Inspiration.

So we arrived in Sofia on the 26th of April, for me personally it was the day from Hell as I missed my connecting flight from Charles de Gaulle Airport due to a lady who had misplaced her passport and made us all late for departure. I then had to rush through Paris to even catch the new flight I was booked on and ended up paying 50 euro for my second piece of hand luggage which was really my laptop-bag, even though I had no problems when flying from Dublin to Paris… Enfin, nothing could’ve been done about that, all I cared about at that point was catching my plane. But of course, that flight was an hour late.

And all of this was going on without S knowing where the hell I was, see, she was already waiting for me at Sofia as she had come in on a different flight. In the end I arrived safe and sound and met a very nice Bulgarian woman who lives in Colorado. We talked a lot and she was probably the first Bulgarian person I met. The flight itself was perfect, the cabin crew was gorgeous ( I don’t know if I am even allowed to say that LOL) and the plane itself was very modern.
When I landed at Sofia however, my suitcase ended up missing.. In Paris they had forgotten to put it on my connecting flight and so I had to wait a week to eventually have it delivered to me at my workplace.

Sofia is a great city even though we only stayed for one night. We had a great dinner at Happy Bar & Grill. The people here in Bulgaria are so nice. I don’t exactly know what I was expecting but it’s so far exceeding all my expectations. The weather is great and the nature is overwhelmingly beautiful. I do have to say that I am happy I made the decision to go for Veliko Tarnovo, this city is amazing and so pitoresque and yet it has ALL the things we need.   We don’t live in the center of VT but just outside in a village called Belyakovets in a gorgeous 3 bedroom house with lots of space. It’s like finally all of our dreams are coming true. All the things we ever wanted and asked for, are being given to us now. And that’s overwhelming, when like us, you’ve been struggling for over 3 years  financially. Now I just have to learn to enjoy the Bulgarian pace of life, everything is much slower and a lot more bureaucratic.

What S and I really want to do now, is get a Samoyed or two. After losing the first one, both our hearts broke and it still hurts so much. I never though I could love an animal so much but I can’t seem to let him go.
But of course, first we have to get settled in!

Other than that, everything is wonderful here and I recommend anybody to come to Bulgaria to see for themself!!


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