So..the last night already in this cosy, beautiful apartment here in Cork, Ireland. I am not going to lie when I say I will miss it dearly, but I am not the kind of person to stay in one place. Unfortunately for my loved ones that means that they have to endure my restlessness and wanderlust when it arises (usually after 6 months the itching starts).

Either way, Cork has been such a great experience. The people are awesome, the city itself has great charm and is unique in it’s authenticity. So I am hoping that Veliko Tarnovo will have at least 1/3rd of that. I’ve met some pretty wonderful people, who will be in my heart forever.

This time packing wasn’t nearly as stressful as the times before, probably because I started about a week early haha. Sending things over beforehand was a big help as well.
Bulgaria, here we come. A little (okay not gonna lie, A LOT) nervous, sweaty palms, upset stomache but at the same time extremely excited! Not knowing the language is going to be quite the hurdle and it’s where most of the nerves come from. That and never been to the country before…well it’s all a little overwhelming.

That being said, I feel like this is going to be one of the biggest changes in my life. It’s hard to explain but it’s a gut-feeling I get.. and my instincts usually are quite dead-on.
I am lucky to be undertaking this adventure with the person I love the most in this world, without her it would be just be pointless.

Anyways, I’ll be spending the night at Dublin Airport tomorrow as we are on separate flights (she flies tomorrow-night, and I the morning after), don’t ask. I always enjoy and dread overnighting at an airport at the same time; just me and my laptop, kindle, mp3 and a quiet terminal, there’s just something about it. I won’t be able to sleep much but that’s okay. I am sure I’ll make up for it plenty on the plane ride.

This change couldn’t come at a more opportune time; I lost my dog who I had the most crazy bond with and even though people will probably laugh at me, it helped spiral me into a depression. That dog was the most awesome, happiest dog in this world. But things happen for a reason and I trust that things will work out. They always have :).

Thanks for reading and catch you on the flip-side ;)!


2 thoughts on “It’s coming down to it… :)

  1. Cork couldn’t have been a better stop for us! A lot of great, and fond memories were made here. One day, we can look back and remember all the beautiful things we saw and experienced. But for now, it is time to look forward, or stay in the present, and move on as we get closer to Sofia. Love you!

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